Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hip Projects

While I search for sources of loom materials -- my wok ring is a leading contender --I paused to let my fingers do the walking and found a project where  loom, weaving and object are one.

It's deliciously inventive. The creator wove the top of an Ikea table, using the small hole in the center as anchor and threader, she circle wove the top using jute.

Circle Infatuation

What a journey! This month of June has been bursting with new ideas and the most recent is Circle Weaving.

I'll begin with the tools one can use to create circles

Types of Circle Looms

Manufactured Gears/Sawblade
Maja  Craft  wood
7 Yaks Design  vinyl, plastic
Katerina Collection wood

Manufactured  Hoops
Novacraft with holes wood
Novacraft with knobs wood
--- (German mfg)

Pin looms/Knitting Looms generally plastic

Home Made (infinite repurposing)
Embroidery hoops
Qulting Hoops
Old wheels
Fan Grills
Hula Hoops
Round Trivets
Wok Ring
Metal/Macramé Ring

On the cardboard/sawtooth/gear looms I’ve  seen two ways of warping – around the tooth forming two strands and through the tooth slot with one strand and around the back of the loom.

Stitches – tapestry techniques offer possibilities. So far I’ve used soumak and striping.



Circular Knitting Loom